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Additional Areas of Law

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Administrative law/Government Agencies and Programs law - claim involving the Social Security Administration or other governmental agency; OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Admiralty and Maritime law - offshore accidents, including personal injury or property damage

Agricultural law - crop losses/claims; aerial applications

Alternative Dispute Resolution-ADR (mediation, arbitration)- an efficient alternative to settling a claim which can help preserve the relationship of the parties; for any type of dispute

Anti-trust and Trade Regulation - claims regarding the monopoly of a certain industry, i.e., the U.S. government's case against Microsoft; trade regulation-imports/exports issues

Banking and Finance law - representation of financial institutions, including officers, directors and other lending institutions

Bankruptcy - reorganization and/or discharge of debts; personal or business

Business and Commercial law - business owner issues including contract disputes, leases; business negotiation and documents

Business Organizations - start up of a business and documents

Civil Rights - age, race, or sex discrimination

Collections and Repossessions - legal procedure to collect money/assets; forcefully taking possession of same

Communication and Media law - issues involving media like newspapers, television stations, radio stations

Constitutional law - involves alleged violations of Constitution or Bill of Rights, i.e., freedom of expression, gun control, student who doesn't want to cut his long hair

Construction law - claims involving quality of work, liens for non-payment

Criminal law - cases involving Federal, State or local crimes

Education law - claims involving any educational body; fighting the system w/in educational body; sex education issues

Elder law -claims involving elderly and their rights; getting fired from a job because you're over 65

Election Campaigns and Political law - cases involving disputes that arise out of campaigns like alleged voter fraud

Employment law - employee

Employment law - employer

Energy law - claims involving explorers, producers and providers of energy, i.e., utility companies

Entertainment, Sports and Leisure law - claims involving movie stars, sports figures or recreational facilities like amusement parks

Environmental law - claims involving natural resources, waste management

ERISA - Employee Retirement Income Security Act - the act governing the funding, vesting and administration of pension plans and claims regarding same

Estate Planning - done prior to death; wills, ways to reduce tax burden on heirs, trusts

Government Contracts - writing, negotiation, defending contracts with Federal, State or local government

Health and Health Care law - claims involving HMOs, hospitals defending charges to insurance company, health care laws, regulations and standards

Immigration and Naturalization law - issues with foreigners in the U.S.; becoming U.S. citizens

Insurance law - insurance defense and coverage issues

Intellectual Property law - claims involving inventions, copyrights, patents

International law - claims involving countries outside the U.S.; treaties, trade agreements, cultural matters

Labor law - disputes re: overtime, minimum wage, hourly wage; conditions and safety in the workplace

Litigation and appeals - trial matters and appeals to higher courts

Military law - claims involving branches of the National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines

Native Peoples' law - representation of Native Americans, i.e., gambling issues on Indian reservations; Bureau of Indian Affairs disputes

Natural Resources law - claims involving oil and gas, minerals, wetlands

Personal Injury - defense, including wrongful death

Probate and Estate Administration - after death; processing and administration of assets

Products Liability - cases pertaining to injuries/losses due to a particular product

Professional Malpractice/Ethics and Professional Responsibility - cases involving alleged professional misconduct, violations; architects, nurses, doctors, lawyers, CPAs, engineers or any other professional

Real Estate - searching for, buying, selling, transferring real property

RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations - claims involving interstate (across state lines) and foreign (import/export) commerce (buying/selling)

Science and Technology - claims involving patents, new or trial pharmaceuticals, the Internet, petroleum, mechanical or civil engineering, electronics, inorganic, physical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, genetic engineering and computer sciences

Securities law - issues regarding stocks, bonds, mutual funds purchase, sale or violation

State, local and municipal law - claims involving governmental ordinances, regulations

Taxation - Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues

Toxic Torts - claims resulting from chemical leaks, spills, dumps; air, water, or contact w/toxic substances via abuse

Transportation - issues relating to bus, taxi, limo, boat, airplane, truck, train transportation

Workers' Compensation - claims for on-the-job injuries

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